Storytime in the Park - About Us

In a little town called Hope, BC there is an amazing woman named Heather Stewin. She believes that reading is one of the most important needs a child has so as to grow into a healthy, happy, productive adult. With that idea, Heather made a plan and 15 years ago Heather started Storytime in the Park. By bringing the community together in a free space, giving them a book to read together and offering a lunch, Heather began what has become one of the most well known, valuable and loved summer programs in the Fraser Valley. 


Heather organized Storytime in the Park, where on a summer day, anyone who wanted to could enjoy a story being read aloud to them, have a lunch, get a book to call their own, play and enjoy a day in the park. Along with setting it up, at her own expense she offered a meal of pizza to go with it. Total fun - parks, pizza, and books!


Today, Heather's belief and vision for Storytime in the Park carries on, and is supported by many organizations, volunteers, businesses, governement agencies, and residents. It has now grown to include Boston Bar and Agassiz-Harrison. 


What seemed like a simple idea had huge effects. What Heather did was create the chance for people from all economic and social walks of life to have access to something that addresses many needs in an geographic area where the children have higher than average of vulnerabilities. As it did then, and still does, Storytime in the Park provides opportunities for physical activity, language development, communication, social interaction and literacy role-modeling. A story that goes on, but every week has its own happy ending.

Agassiz-Harrison Storytime in the Park is a free family program that makes reading and literacy fun. At each event, every family gets a book that they keep for their own. This book is read aloud by a special guest reader. After that, everyone enjoys a snack, some entertainment, activity or craft. It is free and drop-in.
Agassiz-Harrison Storytime in the Park is held at Pioneer Park in Agassiz, the Community Recreation and Cultural Centre in Agassiz, the sports field at Seabird Island, and the elementary school in Harrison Hot Springs.  Click here for dates, maps and specifics. 
Agassiz-Harrison Storytime in the Park starts July 3rd, and runs every Wednesday until August 21st.  July 3rd, 10th, 24th and 31st are located at Pioneer Park. July 17th at Seabird Island's sports field, and August 7th, 14th, and 21st at Harrison Hot Springs Elementary School.  Registration starts at 10:30, the fun starts at 11:00 am.
This free program provides a chance for families with young children to experience the joys and rewards of reading together as a family,  to feel the appreciation of owning books, and having fun with friends new and old. Many great things happen without even planning it at Storytime in the Park. Kids enjoy physical activity in the outdoors, social bonds and cooperation take place, and there is food to be shared. Put these things together and there is a lasting, positive impression on children and their families that lasts the whole year through. Storytime in the Park proves reading is fun!
Agassiz-Harrison Storytime in the Park is organized by the Agassiz-Harrison Storytime in the Park Committee, consisting of members from Seabird Island, the District of Kent, FVRL, Agassiz-Harrison Community Services, Ministry of Child and Family Development, as well as business owners and volunteers.  The program is also supported by local and provincial governments, educational institutions, local businesses, and additional volunteers and families in our communities.  Storytime in the Park is a cooperative labour for the love of reading and books. Please look at the V.I.P. tab to see all that are involved. 
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Storytime in the Park is a community-based, fun family literacy program which encourages the joy of reading. 

Keep our parks green and lovely, put garbage in the bins. Also, we ask you bring your own cups, dishes and wipes that you can take home and reuse. Have a Story Time in the Park bag ready to go every week, and you won't miss a moment of the fun.