Story Time in the Park All Year Round

Very Important People  2019

It isn't magic, it isn't a gift - it is commitment, work, imagination, passion, volunteerism and good will that makes a program like Storytime in the Park happen. 


There have been so many people of all ages, businesses, organizations, governments, and even good old "anonymous" that have contributed to bringing Storytime in the Park back to its weekly status. This program has so many things that help our children grow into thinking, accomplished teens and adults. Please have a look at the story behind Storytime in the Park to learn its history by clicking here.  Reading this page is a way we can thank the sponsors and supporters listed here.


This is the village that is helping raise our children. 


Keep our parks and outdoor spaces green and lovely.  Put garbage in the bins. Also, we ask you bring your own cups, dishes and wipes that you can take home and reuse. Have a Story Time in the Park bag ready to go every week, and you won't miss a moment of the fun. 

© 2019 Story Time in the Park is a program run by Agassiz-Harrison Storytime in the Park Committee.