Storytime in the Park happens because there is a whole lot of giving going on.
Whether it is in the donation box on the registration tables, whether it is a bakesale that raised $25, or a grant from a corporation, these contributions are what allow the Agassiz-Harrison Early Years Committee to keep this family literacy program going strong. 
Always come out and enjoy Storytime in the Park in any of its member communities, give when you can, it all matters.
Email us if you are doing your own fundraiser and want to contribute. Every dollar matters and is appreciated. We will contact you to help arrange your gift to Storytime in the Park. 
Tax receipts will be issued upon request. 

You Can Help

It's summer and Storytime in the Park is happening!
We can all relax a little as this amazing program is mostly funded for this summer. But whenever you can, throw a coins in the donation box that is at each Storytime in the Park event on the registration table. We want to keep this wonderful program going.
Happy reading!




Keep our parks and outdoor spaces green and lovely.  Put garbage in the bins. Also, we ask you bring your own cups, dishes and wipes that you can take home and reuse. Have a Story Time in the Park bag ready to go every week, and you won't miss a moment of the fun. 

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